We help remote teams to develop great ideas.

What happens after the brainstorming? You have this very good idea, now it is time to build on it. Pass it in our design thinking sprint process to consolidate it.

Describe and understand your idea better.

Discover the business opportunity, the audience, the competition, the value proposition, and define metrics of success.

Diverge and gather feedback from experts

Explore, develop and iterate creative ways of solving the problem, regardless of feasibility.

Converge and consolidate the idea

Identify ideas that fit the next product cycle and explore them in further detail through storyboarding. The ideas is 1% of the success. Implementation is the rest. We want to make sure your good ideas get one more chance to shine.


Remote first

Design from the beginning for remote team.

Timezone friendly

You can work on the project when you want. You team as well

No Push

We fixed deadline yes. Push to deliver at any cost: NO!

3 people team

The power of the team.

Short timeframe

A sprint last just a 1 week.

Cost effective

10 $ per user, per projet. No monthly costs.

Ready to start a sprint with your team?